Leaf blower can solve much of your problem

I couldn’t resist the urge after lunch : sunshine, heat and a feel like I want to lay in the sun… but there is was, an untidy lawn, put to the test by the new introduction of a dog and relentless planning and planting around.

I had to go to the shed, and reach for the mower, left idle for the last few months. Waky Waky ! Plug in and vroooommm, I zoom round the garden, there are new plants to mow around, new beds to make you manoeuvre more slowly and carefully.

Since we removed the conifer hedge that surrounded our corner plot, Botanic Bay is there to be seen openly, and I believe that by the weekend, other people in the neighbourhood will have joined the chorus.

Why I bought a leaf blower

After a long hot summer, fall is a welcome change, however if you have a lot of trees on your property, fall can mean a lot of work when they drop all those leaves. This can be endless raking, shoveling and bagging and is a dreaded job for most. You can turn the odds in your favor by using a leaf blower to speed things up and make things a bit easier. I recently bought top quality leaf blower from UK which was of great for me in cleaning my yard from leaves and other debris.

Most leaf blower comes into three categories:

  • Handheld Electric Leaf Blower
  • Gas Leaf Blower
  • Cordless Handheld Leaf Blower

The one you choose can reduce your work load and make your life much more bearable if choose wisely.

Your decision will largely be influenced by the size of your job or should I say “yard”. A simple rule of thumb is a larger leaf vacuum can do a small job but a small (hand held) leaf vacuum can’t do a large job. I am a firm believer that no matter what size your yard, it is best to have two leaf vacuums and be sure one of them is a hand held for those tight hard to get places and a dependable backup in an emergency. They can also double as a blower when needed.

Smaller yards can be easily maintained with a hand held leaf vacuum. If you have a larger area with lots of leaves you should at least have a walk behind leaf vacuum. Of course if you have a rather large yard or several properties you might what to get a riding leaf vacuum. All these models can have bags on them for easy collection and these vacuumed and shredder leaves are great for your compost pile.So if you are tired of getting blisters from all the raking you might what to think about a leaf vacuum.

Yard Leaf Vacuum

A yard leaf vacuum is a must in the fall if you have any trees in your yard, unless you really enjoy working with a rake and getting blisters. It will help you to effectively manage the thousands of dropping leaves with the least amount of work. A well manicured yard free of leaf debris is something that not only enhances your property but can also be very satisfying.

A yard leaf vacuum can be either electric or gas powered. Which you choose will depend on your individual circumstances and personal preferences. Although gas operated vacuums are usually more powerful they require a more maintenance because of fuel mixing, storage and annual tuneups. Electric is less maintenance but you will have to deal with that annoying extension cord while working.

Both styles can double as a blower when needed. Some are originally designed as blowers and then fitted with the option of a bag and suction tube to use as a yard leaf vacuum. These hand held tools are great for small areas and nooks and crannies around sidewalks and flower beds.

Larger areas or multiple properties will require a more advanced and larger piece of equipment such as a walk behind yard leaf vacuum or a ridding one. Again more common devices such as a regular walk behind mower or a ridding mower can be adapted to pick up leaves and bag them for easy disposal.

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